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GrowHaus Garden Centre is a regenerative hub for growing, learning and thriving. Our retail-nursery destination provides homeowners and homesteaders alike with the knowledge, resources and tools necessary to create abundant homescapes and healthy lives. Located just 5-10 minutes from Maple Grove, Hamel, Rogers and Plymouth, we are a holistic destination for green thumbs of the northwestern Twin Cities and beyond.

Designed from patterns to details

GrowHaus is undergoing some structural enhancements this spring that will enable us to deliver unparalleled customer service and create more meaningful connections to the natural world. Our goal is to foster a collaborative space where eco-enthusiasts can learn from one another in their journeys towards living lightly on the land. As this vision-modeling  unfolds, we appreciate input and feedback from you, our valued community.

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evergreen rowsWith a five acre footprint, our nursery is capable of propagating a wide variety of plant stock including unique and hard-to-find varieties. We utilize an integrated growing infrastructure that includes eight hoop houses, two production greenhouses and a climate controlled, year-round greenhouse that allow us to nurse plants well into the depths of winter.

Growing Philosophy We have done much research to ensure that we are well equipped to offer only the finest plant materials and gardening goods. Our staff of trained plant experts are committed to growing with the principles of care and sustainability to deliver only the most beautiful plants—because happy plants beget happy landscapes. Here are just some of the ways that we are infusing environmental ethics into our product offerings.

Living SoilsVermicompost circle

Traditionally, nursery plants are started in sterile soil mixes to reduce the chances of disease-causing pathogens. While this method has benefits, it is far off from being a “best practice”. We prefer to grow plants in “living soils” that are teeming with beneficial microorganisms that would be found in the plant’s natural environment. Ultimately, this technique produces healthier, more resilient specimens.

Compost Tea

In order to further develop our micro-herd of beneficial soil organisms, we brew a proprietary blend of compost tea to feed our plants. Made from completely organic inputs, our home-brew eliminates chemical runoff and provides holistic nutrient-cycling not offered by traditional fertilizers.  

Water Managementwatering beds w- can circle

Our commitment to the environment has an inherent bond with water. From germination to installation and beyond, we ensure that our protocols are using water wisely. We select plants that can tolerate drought, utilize greenhouse technology that prevents loss to evaporation, and design landscapes that increase the water holding capacity of soil. In everything we do, our goal is to not only use less water but also create regenerative systems where water is cleaned, captured, and stored for future use.

Disease & Pest Control

Ladybugs circleWe employ a holistic, whole-systems approach to mitigating disturbances caused by plant pests and diseases. By using compost tea and other biological products, we supply our plants with a diverse mix of beneficial microorganisms that colonize the roots and prevent pathogens from taking over. Similarly, we follow an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) regimen that uses predatory insects, plant extracts and cyclical implements that reduce the population of non-beneficial insects. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to managing pests and disease, but we believe that healthy plants will be more resilient to disturbances. And healthy plants begin with healthy soil.


raised vegetable beds

Adjacent to our retail marketplace, we are designing a demonstration garden to be built in summer 2016. This space will be a carefully curated selection of plants, structures and garden features that showcase the myriad ways customers can utilize our plants and products to beautify their landscapes. Our design team is working to create a unique layout that will reflect natural plant communities, regionally appropriate species and resource-wise installation techniques to inspire ecological solutions in customer landscapes. Stop by to see what we’re building!



KidsOur commitment to healing the Earth goes beyond offering premier gardening goods and services. We believe that the cornerstone of fine gardening and responsible land stewardship begins with experiential knowledge. To further our mission and empower our community, GrowHaus offers a variety of hands-on educational opportunities led by our expert staff and local environmental specialists.


Curriculum design for the upcoming growing season is currently underway. We’re networking with gardening gurus and trade-based specialists to build a diverse course offering for our inaugural season as educators. Stay tuned for syllabus updates!